In addition to hosting services, we also provide administration and maintenance services related to hosting, such as server performance adjustment, opening e-mail accounts, database setup and other additional services that you might require.

We endeavour to enable small and medium businesses effectively navigate the complexities of their everyday operations through custom-designed software applications and databases

We offer domain registration services for all types of domains - international and national - .com, .net, .org …

The development starts with your vision and then progresses through concept design, data input, design of textual and graphic elements, development of structure and content, web optimisation and technical implementation, all of which result in a product that satisfies your needs and requirements.

We successfully run and develop all aspects of internet portals – from their design and development to complete maintenance and content publishing, with systematic administrative and tech support

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IT Service company is dedicated to the development of complete software solutions, custom applications and databases, as well as design and maintenance of websites, web presentations and internet portals. We also offer managed web hosting services and domain registration services.

We are trying to enable our clients to run their businesses smoothly and effectively without need to become IT professionals..

IT Service

Dr Dragoslava Popovića, Beograd

 +381 11 30 333 77